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The Network Marketer's Bill of Rights

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The Network Marketer’s Bill of Rights

I've been studying David Sandler's selling system in "You Can't Teach A Kid How to Ride A Bike in a Seminar". As I'm reading his approach to sales and working with people, I realized that underlying all of his work is a basic respect for the sales professional, which includes network marketing professionals. After doing some Google searches for "Sales Person's Bill of Rights" I was furious! It seems that everyone has rights except for those in the sales and network marketing professions. Now there is! I was inspired to create a "Network Marketer's Bill of Rights".

My little disclaimer. The vast majority of MLMers are good honest, hard working people creating a better way for their families. If you are using unethical methods, luing to your prospects, promising the moon and delivering rock dust, the rights don't apply to you. (clean up your act).

The Network Marketer’s Bill of Rights

1) You have the right to be proud of your chosen profession. No apologizing, hiding, or masking what you do.

2) You have the right to be treated as a trusted advisor. This assumes that you act like one.

3) You have the right to a yes or a no, and refuse the “I’ll think it over” stall.

4) You have the right to protect your time from prospects and distributors who want your attention, but never order or activate their businesses.

5) You have the right to an honest answer about your prospects ability to buy, participate in your offering, and their decision making process. This allows you to protect your time and stay out of “chasing people”.

6) You have the right to expect your prospects and distributors to show up for appointments and training because you always show up.

7) You have the right to determine how you will run your network marketing business and with whom you will do it. You have the right to reject any selling situation, distributor, or prospect that is not in your best interests.

8) You have the right to be paid for your expertise. You do not have to offer your hard earned expertise pro bono in the hopes of an order or enrollment. You have the right to refuse to bargain about your price or service.

9) You have the right to fail in your network marketing business and the freedom to learn how to do it right, without your performance being the issue for new distributors. No human gets it right the first time. Network Marketing has proven its value as a distribution model. You are not on trial.

10) You have the right to earn outrageous amounts of money in your business because you learned how to use the leverage principal to your benefit.

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