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Avoidant Marketing: Network Marketing's Answer?

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No Closing
No Selling
No Chasing people
No Recruiting
No rejection, ever!

Everywhere you look in the network marketing/home business arena, systems are advertising themselves as "Don't do anything, and you'll get rich". It's a very compelling message. These systems seem to address the very core issue of why many people don't succeed in network marketing. New marketing systems that "build your downline for you" come online everyday. Put "network marketing" in a Google search and you get 366,000,000 sites. Online network marketing systems: 99,000,000 hits. A little bit of competition, eh?

I call these no-recruiting systems "avoidant marketing". Rather than empower people to learn how to work well with today's consumer or business opportunity seeker, people are taught that marketing systems, websites, etc., are so very effective that people will literally fall into their laps. And again, as I said in "Are You Marketing Your MLM to the Right People?", network marketers usually approach the wrong market to begin with. That's why the failure rate in MLM is NO DIFFERENT than any other business model. (It's a shame, too).

In theory, it makes our business incredible simple: drive as many people through the system and only interact with them after they join your company. It makes a great deal of sense on the surface. Easy - just do 1 activity. Rejection proof- don't call them until they pony up some cash.

Many of us have a ready ear for that kind of pitch. We've either been with a pushy sales type, and hated it, or we have seen our distributors struggle and lose prospects because they didn't know how to handle the curve ball the prospect through at them. So the solution of having a system do it all without any interaction on the network marketers part is very appealing. It seems to be the ultimate in MLM duplication. In fact, I got caught in it too. I too thought it was the answer to MLM's failure rate.

The flaw in this line of thinking is that very few people (the same 10% who succeeed at anything) can drive the necessary amount of traffic to the marketing system to create decent sign up rates. Newbies become extremely confused because many of these systems advertise multiple affiliates. I've seen downlines stall out, even with experienced marketers. It's just too much for the average person to track. Downlines can become contaminated with lots of cross selling and cross recruiting.

In fact, since many of these systems use the same marketing tools: traffic exchanges, forums, safelists, etc. Newbies are thrown into an extremely competitive environment with little or no preparation on how to navigate that environment.

And guess what? People jump ship just as fast as they join. They leave your system for the next system that promises success. These systems still don't eliminate the the 50 +% drop rate or the problem of retention. They mask it. Downline builders are not a panacea for network marketing success.

The reason for this is very simple: human nature. People are gonna do what they do. You will have tire kickers no matter what. You will have people who sign up with big packages and then disappear. You will still have distributors that fail, because of the same reasons they failed before: developing the proper skill set and the proper mind set, and quitting too soon.

Certainly there need to be systems in network marketing that do level the playing field more. "Auto-pilot" systems can certainly play a role in the 21st Century home business. They can free up a distributor from some of the mundane aspects of their business, to focus on developing relationships with key people. They are extremely important in developing international downlines. These systems can be quite helpful in sorting true prospects from the casual biz-opp seeker.

Network Marketing will always be a people business because people are the power of network marketing. Good relationships equal fabulous residual income. Teach people how to build relationships in the 21st Century. Use the internet as a tool to build relationships, not to avoid them.

About the Author:
Karen Miner Hurd is a former marketing professional. She lives in Virginia Beach, VA with her husband and 5 children. She is a writer, health coach, and armchair movie critic. Karen has been in Network Marketing since before cell phones. Her passion can be found at: The Freedom Project

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5 Ways to Improve Your Network Marketing Results - NOW

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Most network marketers don't understand their own business.
Network Marketing is the only business promoted to non-business people on a mass scale. That's it's attraction and why it succeeds. It's also why MLM fails. Most new MLMers
do not take the time, to learn their new profession. MLM is promoted as fast money, and get into action NOW. Talk to enough people fast enough and you'll make it to the top. In just 90 days.

Those are good things, certainly. Enough people have done just that to give it some truth. The distribution model of MLM was designed to be viral before viral marketing was even a concept. There are thousands of audios and books that teach it. We think that a single Saturday morning training and weekly conference call is enough to build a powerful marketing machine .
What is required instead is constant reinforcement of a professional standard and a new way of doing business.

The times are changing. Consumers are savvy and sales weary. The old "enthusiasm sells, so show them that you 'Are Sold Myself' " has limited effect these days. Competition is more intense than ever. And everyone is the best, right? What network marketer says, "my company doesn't pay as good as the others, but I like it". No. Everyone has the best sales plan ever. Every product and service sells itself.


Time to get with the trends and change your style. NOW. Get professional. Watch your credibility soar as you lay down the old pitches and hard sell strategies and lead with truth
and authenticity.

1) Get your personal story into a 30 second format.
NO buzzwords, MLM jargon, promises or product ingredients. Just what happened to you, from your heart, consumer to consumer. And when you end your 30-second commercial, don't ask for the appointment, or offer your website. Go negative and ask for the referral . "I don't suppose you know anyone who might have that issue, do you? It's unexpected and much more effective.

2) Don't corner your prospects. Don't push them. No more assumptive closes. None of this "You want to save money, don't you? I'll get you a packet of info". Allow your prospects some distance so they can come toward you.

3) What you have to offer is NOT as important as your prospect's problem. If you genuinely cannot solve your prospect's problem admit it. How refreshing. You will find that they will come back when they want your help next time. They will refer more people to you, because you have shown yourself to be interested in others more than your override.

4) Give your prospect the room to say no. No more "tie-down closes". No more questions that are geared to get you a "yes". Everyone hates that, including you when you are someone else's prospect. Ask permission to proceed, and always give your prospect permission to end the call or appointment.

5) Network Marketing will always be a relationship business.Always. Learn good people skills. Learn good communication skills. Act as a trusted advisor and people will treat you like one.

Understand that all consumers have been trained to resist anyone in any sales capacity. There is a whole industry (e.g. consumer's advocates) that dedicates themselves to resisting
YOU. It is easier for your upline to teach you to memorize answers to objections, then to teach you how to understand what your prospect is really saying. Learning how to market yourself
authentically will not be easy. Yet, you must do it. Your personal long term success, and your team's success depends on it.

About the Author:
Karen Miner Hurd is a former Public Relations professional. She left her
career to stay home with her children and has been dedicated to
network marketing for 19 years. To find the best home based
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Lie, Cheat, Steal and Spam: The Amateurs Guide to MLM

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You can spot a new MLMer a mile away. They are
practicing the "3 Foot Rule", and clubbing everyone
within reach who can fog a mirror because "everyone
wants what we have". The really serious ones use
the 7 foot rule. These brave souls are hailed by
the network marketing uplines as "proof you can do
it"! I'll admit it's very brave.

You can spot a new MLMer when you send them an
email and you get an autoreply telling you how wonderful
their new enterprise is. Did they even read the email
about the PTA meeting? You'll never know. And now
you're hesitant to ask, because you might be subjected
to a sales presentation when you call about the bake sale.

You can spot a new MLMer because they will tell you they
are making lots of money (especially if they are communicating
with you online), and they've only been in the biz 3 weeks.
They tell you that because they think telling you about their
fabulous results (even if they don't exsist) is what it takes
to attract you.

New network marketers are some of the least coachable
people around. Tell them to wait 48 hours until they are
trained before they launch their business, and they've
literally burned their entire warm list by Saturday.

Amateur network marketers whip out their business card
and offer an information pack before you can say, "Hi. I'm
Karen. What do you do for a living?". They almost always
make you sorry you asked.

Amateur MLMers answer every question you ask with a

Confession: I have done every single one of these. Sometimes
they worked and resulted in a new customer or distributor.
But more often they alienated people and contributed to
the stereotype of network marketers as pushy sales people.
And you know what? We earned that stereotype fair and square.

When attorneys do what we do, we call them "ambulance chasers".

I love this industry, I love this profession, and I think network marketers
are some of the best people around. I'm impressed by the determination,
and the genuine desire MLMers have to run an ethical business that
benefits others and changes lives. I believe that MLM is unique
in that regard.

Let's remember that we are a PROFESSION not a side show. Let's
act like humans who respect the boundaries and decision of others,
not like aliens from the Galaxy Binary Matrix. If we as an industry
act like professionals not rank amateurs, we can change the
stereotype, and showcase our industry for what it is: the only business
model available for the non-business person to create wealth.

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Karen Miner Hurd has been a Maniac all her life.
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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Network Marketer's Bill of Rights

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The Network Marketer’s Bill of Rights

I've been studying David Sandler's selling system in "You Can't Teach A Kid How to Ride A Bike in a Seminar". As I'm reading his approach to sales and working with people, I realized that underlying all of his work is a basic respect for the sales professional, which includes network marketing professionals. After doing some Google searches for "Sales Person's Bill of Rights" I was furious! It seems that everyone has rights except for those in the sales and network marketing professions. Now there is! I was inspired to create a "Network Marketer's Bill of Rights".

My little disclaimer. The vast majority of MLMers are good honest, hard working people creating a better way for their families. If you are using unethical methods, luing to your prospects, promising the moon and delivering rock dust, the rights don't apply to you. (clean up your act).

The Network Marketer’s Bill of Rights

1) You have the right to be proud of your chosen profession. No apologizing, hiding, or masking what you do.

2) You have the right to be treated as a trusted advisor. This assumes that you act like one.

3) You have the right to a yes or a no, and refuse the “I’ll think it over” stall.

4) You have the right to protect your time from prospects and distributors who want your attention, but never order or activate their businesses.

5) You have the right to an honest answer about your prospects ability to buy, participate in your offering, and their decision making process. This allows you to protect your time and stay out of “chasing people”.

6) You have the right to expect your prospects and distributors to show up for appointments and training because you always show up.

7) You have the right to determine how you will run your network marketing business and with whom you will do it. You have the right to reject any selling situation, distributor, or prospect that is not in your best interests.

8) You have the right to be paid for your expertise. You do not have to offer your hard earned expertise pro bono in the hopes of an order or enrollment. You have the right to refuse to bargain about your price or service.

9) You have the right to fail in your network marketing business and the freedom to learn how to do it right, without your performance being the issue for new distributors. No human gets it right the first time. Network Marketing has proven its value as a distribution model. You are not on trial.

10) You have the right to earn outrageous amounts of money in your business because you learned how to use the leverage principal to your benefit.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Myth of the Free Business Opportunity

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"It's Free! It's Free! It doesn't cost anything to join!You can make money! You can sponsor lots of people because it doesn't cost any money and the products are cheap! It's the easiest sale in the world"!

If I can paraphrase Forrest Gump, "Free is as Free does".

People who promote free or what I call "low-ball business opportunities" feel that the path to wealth is the path of least resistance. They truly believe that the reason most people don't make it in MLM, or any home business opportunity, is because of the the start up cost or because what is marketed needs to be cheaper than traditional retail outlets.

I believe that they are missing the point entirely.

Sales objections are universal. That a free or low-cost business opportunity will make money because it's easier for people to join is a myth. You will work just as hard to earn $.25 on everyone in your fifth level,
as I do to earn infinity bonuses.

Free business opportunities are poorly paying because their profit margins are so narrow, they CAN'T pay more. You still have to advertise a low cost business opportunity. You have the same expenses I do at a lower profit margin. You will learn less money for the same amount of work. That's why I personally feel that low-ball, or free, opportunities are a myth.

Free business opportunities attract people who believe that cost, not return on investment, is how one should evaluate a business. They often believe that frugality is the number one value. They believe that products with higher price tags are bloated solely for the sake of profit. They often have low financial resources. They often have a poverty mentality that prevents them from creating any significant wealth.

Some people will make money on a free or low-ball business opportunity. The same 10% that would make it big in anyhome business, MLM, or affiliate program.

Why? Because that 10% are business people at heart. They understand marketing. They understand that their target market in a low-ball business opportunity, are peoplewho have low financial resources. The top acheivers know how to market to them.

The people who drop out of a free, low-ball business opportunity are the same ones who would drop out of any business opportunity. Why? They thought it would be an easy sale. They believed that start-up costs and product price is why they failed before. When prospects say to them, "it's too expensive" , the free biz owner thought they were hearing God's truth, not one of the 5 most common objections. They thought that free, cheap, "easy", is what would make them successful. When the realities of building a business hit them, they were unprepared. It was deja vu all over again.

Any business has a market segment. The Dollar Store has a market segment. Rolex watches have a market segment. The objections one gets from prospects are universal. The reasons for success or failure are universal. The 80-20 Rule is a law as strong as the lawof gravity.

The free business opportunity as a path to riches is a myth because business is business. What is required to be successful in a high-end busness are the exact same things that are required to be successful in a low-end buisness. If you market to the wrong people in the wrong way you will fail. Period. Evaluate any business not on its start up cost alone, but on its return, its marketing system, and on how well they reach their target market. Evaluate a business on its track record. Evaluate a business on its profit margins and how much of the sales dollar they can pay you.

Ultimately, whether a not a business is free or low cost is not the chief criteria for success.
It never was.

About the Author:
Karen Hurd has been a full time network marketer for 19 years. She is a marketing professional who gave up her career to stay home with her 5 children. She built her business during their naptimes, and now she makes money while she sleeps.For more marketing tips, subscribe to her ezine at: Her passion is at


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Online Marketing Survival Skills for the MLMer

We've all heard stories about the teenage kid who builds an online marketing empire. Overnight. In his bedroom. In between playing XBox 360 and doing his homework. Or the network marketer who builds a massive organization from zero in just 90 days using the internet. (Funny they never say HOW they did it....they just "showed the plan" more). Like other eager beavers, I entered online marketing with visions of massive opt-in lists in just 30 days....generated for free! It didn't happen quite that way.

Your web presence builds if you keep at it. Online marketing is absolutely the best way to build your network marketing business for the long term. Not everybody wants to do the old "warm market" thing. Not everyone has a Rolodex of contacts. Marketing MLM online levels the playing field.

Here are a few things I learned in navigating the online marketing jungle.

When it comes to marketing online, remember that the 'net is like a river. Go with the flow. Things change. HOW you get the word out will change. Bet on it, and don't get locked into any one method. Some folks use off line advertising and use their website or system just for presenting and training. Others prospect online exclusively. Most do a combination of the two.
Outsourcing (paying someone else) may be very wise. Almost every type of online marketing can be outsourced. Buying leads is a form of outsourcing.

There are some things, like article marketing, blogging and forums that keep your link alive for years. You can pay to have others write your articles and blog entries - some go as cheap as $8/article. You still have full copyright privileges.

Things like social networking (thousands of sites for that) are basically the same kind of prospecting and meeting people online that you do offline. The only downside to some of these sites, is that it's you and a zillion other network marketers fishing in the same spot. The communication often becomes trading opportunity pitches. Still there are hundreds of thousands of forums. Find one you enjoy. Share. Participate. Build relationships and trust. Your customer and distributor base will grow.

Most MLM companies offer replicating websites for their distributors. Most are poorly designed, difficult to navigate and don't have capture forms. In short, I wouldn't market my MLM replicating site. Instead I would build a capture or landing page for that replicating site.

What about SEO? Most network marketers rely on replicating sites athat aren't indexed by the major search engines. Yes, page 1 of Google is the most important piece of real estate in the world for your keyword. Absolutely. So if you can build a good site and get a handle on SEO or pay big bucks to a webmaster, go for it. The key in MLM is duplication. I personally don't think that teaching SEO to my team is duplicatable. I know several successful online marketers that don't even rely on SEO as a primary means of driving traffic to their sites. They do some, but it's not their main focus.

I don't build my own websites. HTML code fries my little brain. I do build capture pages, blogs and my Squidoo page. Building websites is too time consuming for me. I've done it out of necessity, but would rather have a webmaster. I use replicated marketing systems that handle all of those website details for me. I give up control of content for ease of use and freeing up my time for prospecting. The key in MLM is duplication. I personally don't think that teaching SEO to my team is duplicatable.

The name of the game, no matter what you do is this: Build the biggest opt-in list you can. PERIOD. Drive as many of those as you can, on your list to the website of your choice . It is the website's job to convert that traffic into customers or distributors. That's it in a nutshell.

The Good news is that there are lots and lots of ways to get traffic to your sites. The "bad news" is there is not a universal starting point for everyone. Here are some things you can do, in no specific order. For best results, do as many as you can manage.

1) Article marketing
2) Blogging
3) Social Networking
4) Newspaper ads and other offline advertsing
5) Business cards
6) Email marketing (this is the opt-in list)
7) Calling people on the phone
8) PPC (pay-per-click- VERY competitive and $$ if you use Google or Yahoo) but there are other search engines
9) Link exchange
10) Forums
11) Safelists - these come in a variety of forms
12) Traffic exchanges (better for capture pages and freebies like free reports)
13) Decals on your car
14) Buying targeted leads
15) Link submitters (some are good, some are bad).

Note: some directories like DMOZ won't take ANY network marketing sites or anything related to MLM or any MLM distributor...probably a way around that. I submitted this blog , MLM MANIAC...we'll see.....

16) Offering a free report in exchange for contact info (see
17) Even a T-shirt or baseball cap with your web addy on it!
18 ) Viral marketing- someone loves what you do and tells the world about it.

OK where do you start??? Pick just one technique and learn it. Offline advertising directed to your capture page is probably the easiest. Then join a couple of networking sites and forums. Learn to master one technique and then add another. Then another. Pretty soon you will have several avenues that are driving traffic to your sites, and yes, the search engines will probably pick up your site. Just start somewhere!!!!!

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Karen Hurd is a mother of 5. She built her business during the kids'
naptime, and now she makes money while she sleeps. She has a passion
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Does Your MLM Ignore Internet Marketing?

It's absolutely mind-boggling that network marketers, especially those in established companies, need to defend their online marketing efforts to their peers and corporate partners. Every marketing survey, every market indicator is pointing to the internet. "Home party", or "party-plan sales" is the lease searched for term in the home business category.

The biggest? "Online home business".

You would think that the home business/network marketing industry would take the hint, seize the trend, and provide serious training to allow distributors to maximize their efforts. As a marketing professional I am apalled, frankly, at the resistance I have met in established network marketing circles to building online. It's nothing less than incredible.

The truth is most MLM companies do not promote online marketing largely for 3 reasons:

1) MLM or network marketing is a relationship one-to-one business. The internet was perceived by old-timers who built the industry as anonymous and impersonal. Hmmm. Impersonal? Tell that to all those people who use online dating services, and those that have met their spouses online. Internet marketing facilitates relationships. In many instances it is better than belly to belly.

2) Virtually all proprietary MLM products are trademarked. Companies are afraid they can't control the use of their trademark online, opening themselves up to all sorts of liabilities and possible legal issues.

3) The is no "best-way" to start. The net is vast. Advertising opportunities are everywhere! Home parties have simple formulas - make a list- find a host/hostess- do the party-collect orders. I don't believe that there is a basic "one-size-fits-all formula" for online marketing. Not so easy to teach and potentially full of legal landmines for MLM corporate attorneys.

We will save the issue of poorly designed corporate-owned MLM distributor sites for another day.

If you are marketing a nutritional product, the FDA monitors websites for claims or perceived claims. The FDA is extremely broad in its definition of a "claim". If a distributor makes a claim, even telling their own story, it could generate a rebuke from the FDA. Companies did not want a bunch of FDA warning letters showing up in their mailbox because of distributor website content that they had no control over. That puts a damper on a lot of things.

Personally, I feel that the internet must have a substantial place in a network marketing business. I detail some of those reasons on my Squidoo page:

Enter lots of network marketers like me, wanting to harness the power of the internet, "yesterday!". I was shocked to find out that marketing online is not always as fast and furious as I had thought. I was surprised that there is no one way that is the agreed upon place to start. It all depends on your budget, time constraints, personal creativity, goals, offering, marketing system.... and who mentors you online. Emphasis on the mentor!!!

Nevertheless, it is a wonderful way to build your network marketing business. Online marketing skills are becoming increasingly important to any business. Network marketers who ignore the net do so at their own peril. And those prospects will find someone else who does build online. Maybe me :-).

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Buying and Working with Leads

So you've used up your "warm market" of friends and family. Or you really don't have one that you want to contact about your business opportunity or product. And you don't want to get out a phone book and start cold calling. Then it's time to buy some leads! When I first purchased leads about 3 years ago, my expectations were way too high. I thought it would be like picking ripe fruit. Well, sometimes! Sometimes not. Here's what I've learned:

The best leads are those you generate yourself.  The leads you generate yourself are the most responsive. They will answer the phone when you call. And they are the most likely to join your business or buy your product.

However, it can take quite a long time to generate traffic to your website or capture page. Purchasing leads is a good part of your strategy to start building your database. Some companies will sell you biz-opp leads, female only leads, and product oriented leads. Purchased leads means that you know EXACTLY how many prospects that you will get for your advertising dollar. And you can get your leads in as little as an hour.

Personally, I don't recommend that you do any less than 100 leads/month. Work up to 100 leads/week or more. Some trainers say do 1,000/month. It will depend on your business and how you work your leads.

When you purchase leads, you need to have the following in place:

1) An autoresponder for follow up and to keep your name in front of your prospects. Some lead vendors or marketing systems have generic autoresponders already done for you. Some systems require that you write your own. Whatever autoresponder system you choose, find out how many leads you can upload per day. The CAN-Spam act limits some things and everyone is cautious now, so that they don't get inadvertantly blasted as spam. Some of these autoresponder companies, have agreements with lead vendors and then you can download as many as you want automatically into your account.

2) Don't buy leads unless you have an online marketing system. You need a way to process them. Don't put yourself in a situation of mailing DVDs and information packets. Too expensive.

3) Leads come in all forms. If I am using phone verified or phone-interviewed leads, I buy from companies who have scrubbed those leads against the Do Not Call list. If I am buying surveyed leads, only those that are double opt-in. I prefer companies that have an affiliate program or the pay me back for lead referrals so that my lead costs can be reimbursed or offset.

4) I prefer exclusive or semi-exclusive fresh leads. Real time-leads means you get them as soon as they are generated - within minutes. Exclusive, real-time, are the most expensive, sometimes costing as much as $5 - $10 or more a piece. The more exclusive, real-time and prequalified, the more responsive the lead is.

In the beginning, get double opt-in leads. Expect to blow some in practicing and building your skills. It's OK. I don't prefer aged leads, some of those have been sold 10 or more times. However, they are dirt cheap, and I have sponsored distributors from them. Just know that aged leads have the highest negativity because they have been sold so much.

5) Every lead company provides scripts. Some provide extra training as well. Dani Johnson has good scripts. Those of us who've been working leads have developed scripts that work for us. There are lots out there. The goal of the first call is just to introduce yourself and find out what they want. DO NOT try to get them to join/buy on the first call. I've found that if I pre-qualify people, it's a waste of time and the tone of the interview changes. Build a relationship first. Let your propsect's actions qualify them.

6) Don't buy leads that have been incentivized - e.g. "Enter to win an IPOD". They're junk.

7) Know the "territory". When someone looks for a home business online, they often respond to several websites. They have no idea that their name could be sold up to 20 times. Even if 50% of distributors never call their purchased leads, your lead could have received several calls. Even an exclusive lead probably answered several ads. So "exclusive" means that the company you bought from hasn't sold it to anyone other than you. That's OK. It's just part of the environment.

8) Some of your leads will tell you that they never filled out any form. I've had phone verified leads tell me that! 90% of the time, that's bogus, they just aren't interested anymore.

While you are generating your own opt-in list, build your database with purchased leads. I've met some great people through leads. I've met business owners, attorneys, and people that I never would have met otherwise. Be consistent in how you work your leads and patient for the results. Purchased leads can be a great way to grow your business,especially in the short term.

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Are You Proud to be in MLM?

Are you proud of what you do as a network marketer? Do you allow the negative and often ignorant opinions of others effect your performanc? No other home business comes close to creating the wealth both personally and financially, that network marketing can. I received this piece in an article, and wanted to pass this on. Mark Yarnell is the author of Your First Year in Network Marketing, a foundational book for anyonein the industry.

Success University – Boot Camp Day #14

Here’s what Mark Yarnell, an industry leader who’s made over 10 Million dollars has to say about Network Marketing:

“Companies can keep their salaries, pensions, health plans, and Fords. Give me unlimited opportunity or give me death! I’d rather buy my own dream car than drive a free Taurus. I never wanted to be a doctor because I could only help one person at a time. I never wanted to be a lawyer because there are only a few billable hours in the day.
No thanks folks! I’m a network marketer and proud to admit it. In fact, I'd be embarrassed to be anything else. I’m in a pyramid where everyone starts at the top and fills in the bottom, instead of starting at the bottom and clawing toward some elusive top. I win when others win, not when they lose because I was promoted ahead of them. I give money to charities, I refuse to become one. I don’t have any structured hours but I’m on the phone fifty or more hours a week because I love interacting with winners.

Next time some “Big Business” person questions network marketing – don’t hesitate to express pride in what you do. Networkers are champions in the last bastion of true capitalism!”

Now is the time to make your true commitment. It’s the time to draw that line in the sand and let nothing stop you from achieving your dreams...
If you don't take action now and get your business moving, you will be letting the best opportunity ever created slip through your fingers. Those of you who saddle up, lock arms with your upline mentors and go to work will be among the success stories you read about in the books. You'll be the ones who join us on tropical island vacations all over the world, the ones who create a financial legacy for your family that will last for generations, the ones who truly live the life that the rest of the working world only dreams about.

Those of you who make excuses and let past failures stop you will look back at yourself several years from now and wish you had for once in your life charged the hill and made something happen in your life. You'll wish you had made the commitment to yourself and your family and you'll let it eat away at you by knowing what your life could have been like.

Make your commitment. Get on fire and people will come from miles around just to watch you burn! Give people something to shoot for, look deep inside yourself and make your commitment to become the leader that will let nothing stand in your way!

About the Author:
Karen Hurd has been a maniac all of her life. She built her business
while her children slept, and now she makes money in her sleep
Karen and her husband Dale live in Virginia with their 5 children.
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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Are You Marketing Your MLM to the Right People?

One of the reasons why I believe MLM gets a bad name and is accused of hype - is that MLM or network marketing is promoted to the wrong people about 80% of the time. It's promoted as a part-time work at home job to people who really just want a steady pay and flexible hours.

1) Network marketing is not a job. It is a business system for entrepreneurs who want to have their businesses at home instead of another location, like an office. The vast majority of networkers still promote MLM as "You can make thousands of dollars in just a few hours a week"! You can do that...just not right away. Depending on your company and business system that could take 90 days or 9 months. People who want at-home jobs expect to be paid a set amount of money every week. It's call a paycheck, not an override.

2) A home business takes heart, energy, perservence and a degree of risk. In a business, you are responsible for your success, no one else. A work at home job takes only time and energy. People wanting at-home jobs are not prepared for the responsibility of a business because it's not what they want. All the motivational tapes and contests will not matter if they don't want it in the first place.

3) Why doesn't your new distributor want to make a prospect list? Probably because a home job doesn't require him/her to create his/her own work by creating a client base. Entrpreneurs intuitively understand the need for prospecting. Home-based employees do not. They will however, gladly help you take care of YOUR prospects.

4) Is your new distributor who is turned off by talk of goal-boards, dreams, or vision-casting? A job doesn't require that kind of mental or emotional energy. There is no "big picture" or the "whole story" in a job. If you marketed your opportunity in terms of a job, you will have distributors that won't come to meetings, listen to tapes or do any of the training. Why? Because they want a job, not a business!

5) A home-job is defined. Even with "action plans" or "success blueprints" home-businesses are open-ended by nature. You cannot guarantee how many appointments you will set, how many orders you will get that day and so on. You can only guarantee your activity level, not the result of each indvidual action.

If you want distributors, market to entrepreneurs. Do not hide your opportunity under "help wanted" or work-at-home ads. As you are sorting through people, you are looking for entrepreneurs. If you want to increase retention in your network marketing business, market to those people who are most likely to stay in the first place.

About the Author:
Karen Hurd has been a maniac all of her life. She lives in Virginia with her husband and 5 children. A former public relations executive, Karen has been in Network Marketing since 1988. She is an internet marketer, writer and coach.
She is also a Napoleon Dynamite fan.
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Friday, January 19, 2007

Your Distributor Doesn't Suck, Your System Does

The dirty secret in the home-based industry, is that the network marketing systems have been broken for a long, long time. The MLM or network marketing industry has a 90%+ failure rate, and it often blames the distributor. The system of advertising and prospecting that built the industry; home parties, prospect lists and cold lead calling, are not as effective in the 21st century as they were when the industry began in the mid-1950's.

The problem is NOT the average distributor. The problem is that the MLM system has not changed or kept up with the changes in society. What worked in 1964, or 1985 doesn't work today. The problem is NOT that the distributor doesn't affirm enough, believe enough, or try enough. The problem is that very few people want to do presentations like home parties, or call their kid's soccer coach from the 3rd grade, or talk to Uncle Bob about the "opportunity of a life time", or spend $5,000 buying leads and learning how to cope with rejection.

The average distributor does not want to become what most MLM trainers and
uplines still teach. Yes, those techniques still work some of the time, and work
very well for some of the people. They fail for most distributors most of the time. And the irony is that network marketing is a business model designed for the average person. The system sucks, not the distributor.

The average person uses the internet now. When they want to learn something new, they don't call Aunt Jane and ask her if there are any home parties that she may know about. They do a Google or Yahoo search and look up websites. They use Instant Messaging, or My Space. The precious little time that people have for socializing and being with family, they don't want to spend at a product presentation or a hotel meeting. I don't either.

So instead of trying harder, or teaching your distributor that they need the thick skin of the rhino, change the system you teach to prospect and build! There are several generic internet systems that teach people how to market their MLM business online- without cold calling or wasting big money on leads. The principles of the power of relationship that is network marketing's strength don't change. The when and where those relationships are built does change.

The best of those systems use a funded proposal idea where you and your distributors create several streams of income while you build prospect lists. This allows your distributors to create cashflow that is then used to reinvest into advertising their primary business. If you're a smart network marketer, harness the power of the internet. You'll be able to create a 90% success rate, instead of a 90% failure rate. Imagine what a 90% success rate would do for the MLM's reputation.

About the Author:

Karen Hurd is a former Public Relations executive. She began
her network marketing career in 1988 so that she could stay
home with her children. She lives in Virginia, with her husband
and 5 children. She is a writer, wellness coach, and film maven.
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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Perils and Pitfalls of Multi-level Marketing....

Daddy’s Upline’s been arrested!

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My Dad was always looking to make money from home. Back in the 1960’s there weren’t a lot of options. He started all kinds of businesses, from bars to installing sprinkler systems, to selling tools.

But my Dad knew cars. He came across this product which would keep your car from losing traction and spinning out of control on slippery roads. This thing worked and you could make a lot of money. They cost about $500 each which was A LOT of money in 1969. So he bought 10 and stored them in the basement under a sheet. That way my mom wouldn’t find out about his new adventure.

One day the phone rang, and it was my mom calling from work.
“Karen, get the newspaper – NOW! Don’t let your Daddy see it!” (She found out anyway).
“Because his business partner’s been arrested. Your father’s in one of those
pyramid schemes!” (Like Dad wouldn’t find that out at the next meeting?)

And that was my introduction to network marketing.

Needless to say when I began my network marketing career, I was more than a bit afraid of getting ripped off. Afterall, I knew that pyramid schemes were real. I literally blasted my first sponsor with over 70 questions. Poor woman! She didn’t know what she was getting into with me. Everyone else just believed what she told them. I wish I’d known about the 7 Critical Elements then! It would have made choosing a company so much easier.

We are skeptical of what we don’t know. Face it. If everyone else who is rich got that way by working 80 hours a week, and climbing the corporate ladder, or discovering the wonder widget, how in the world can you make 6 or 7 figures in a part-time business from home? Doesn't make sense, does it?

Multi-level marketing is a perilous business. On the surface, everybody says the same thing. And everyone claims to be legit. Even the scammers. And the “MLM truth” sites hate everything, so they’re not a big help. What’s a mere mortal to do?

Enter the 7 Critical Elements of a Primary Business. There are elements that every
solid network marketing opportunity should have in order to give you the best potential for long term income. If your company doesn't have them,keep looking.

Here they are in a nutshell:

1. Unique Products: You do not want to be in the position of competing solely on price. Products must serve multiple market categories, be unique enough to get patents, and the products have to serve the largest possible market segment. Are they consumable? Products with one-time-sales makes residual income difficult.

2. Company Stability: The ability to give you long-term business and financial security, based on their company and business history. It’s best if the company has been around longer than 5 years, and shown financial stability and a track record of payouts.

3. Marketing System: System to market primary must be compatible with the internet marketing techniques, and current consumer trends. They must be simple and duplicatable. Network marketing is a business system for non-business people.

4. Company Management: Must be led by successful leaders in business with a vision for the future growth – not management mode. Does the company have the talent at management level to effectively keep a good product pipeline and service its distributor base?

5. Global Reach: Must be groundfloor in their global expansion. Management must have prior experience in global expansion. Is the compensation plan the same around the world?

6. Compensation & Incentives: Maximize your income based on your efforts. Must payout at least 50% of sales dollar, must offer unlimited depth within compensation plan. Must offer Fast Start Bonuses, must offer other incentives and recognition. You must be able to achieve $10,000/month true residual income with less than 500 people in the organization. Does the company you are evaluating document its payout with U.S. IRS?

7. Pay-It Forward: Does the company Pay-It Forward to the masses? They must give back globally what they are taking out in a significant way. Are their products and policies ethical? Socially responsible? Is the company's vision is to make an impact on the world in a positive way. Do they encourage significant charity corporately and amongst their distributor base?

If your company can meet all 7 of these critical elements, you’re on your way to tremendous success.

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About the Author:

Karen Hurd has been a full-time network marketer
since 1988. She is a writer, teacher and wellness educator.
She lives in Virginia Beach with her husband and 5 children.
She built her business during her children's naptime, and now
she makes money in her sleep.

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