Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Are You Proud to be in MLM?

Are you proud of what you do as a network marketer? Do you allow the negative and often ignorant opinions of others effect your performanc? No other home business comes close to creating the wealth both personally and financially, that network marketing can. I received this piece in an article, and wanted to pass this on. Mark Yarnell is the author of Your First Year in Network Marketing, a foundational book for anyonein the industry.

Success University – Boot Camp Day #14

Here’s what Mark Yarnell, an industry leader who’s made over 10 Million dollars has to say about Network Marketing:

“Companies can keep their salaries, pensions, health plans, and Fords. Give me unlimited opportunity or give me death! I’d rather buy my own dream car than drive a free Taurus. I never wanted to be a doctor because I could only help one person at a time. I never wanted to be a lawyer because there are only a few billable hours in the day.
No thanks folks! I’m a network marketer and proud to admit it. In fact, I'd be embarrassed to be anything else. I’m in a pyramid where everyone starts at the top and fills in the bottom, instead of starting at the bottom and clawing toward some elusive top. I win when others win, not when they lose because I was promoted ahead of them. I give money to charities, I refuse to become one. I don’t have any structured hours but I’m on the phone fifty or more hours a week because I love interacting with winners.

Next time some “Big Business” person questions network marketing – don’t hesitate to express pride in what you do. Networkers are champions in the last bastion of true capitalism!”

Now is the time to make your true commitment. It’s the time to draw that line in the sand and let nothing stop you from achieving your dreams...
If you don't take action now and get your business moving, you will be letting the best opportunity ever created slip through your fingers. Those of you who saddle up, lock arms with your upline mentors and go to work will be among the success stories you read about in the books. You'll be the ones who join us on tropical island vacations all over the world, the ones who create a financial legacy for your family that will last for generations, the ones who truly live the life that the rest of the working world only dreams about.

Those of you who make excuses and let past failures stop you will look back at yourself several years from now and wish you had for once in your life charged the hill and made something happen in your life. You'll wish you had made the commitment to yourself and your family and you'll let it eat away at you by knowing what your life could have been like.

Make your commitment. Get on fire and people will come from miles around just to watch you burn! Give people something to shoot for, look deep inside yourself and make your commitment to become the leader that will let nothing stand in your way!

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