Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Cold Calling Recovery Program

Copyright December 2006, Karen Hurd Enterprises, Inc.

“Hey, I want to take a look at your home business opportunity. It sounds
like what I’m looking for. Let me just go into my office so I can get on my computer”.


Aaarrgh! I’ve been lied to again! I’ve made a thousand-plus dials, build “relationships”, confirmed follow-up appointments that never showed, yadda, yadda, yadda. Then train new team members how to have a happy face while they learn how to put up with hang ups and lies while they dialed through hoping to find someone who would visit a website. When is this internet marketing thing going to take off! How many more times is this going to happen?

Still, I was addicted to buying leads, and dialing for dollars (or something). I believed that’s what it would take to be a success in online marketing. There was a false security in knowing that my $200 would guarantee me 200 phone verified leads. Would I ever be able to afford exclusive leads at $400 a share? Would my team?

In September, 2006 I entered the Cold Calling Recovery Program. It promised
internet marketing sanity, but I got scared with my new freedom. I fell off the wagon, bought some more leads and began calling again.

All it took was a few more “lead training calls” for me to wake up and hear the dial tone. In mid-October I started my Cold Calling recovery program in earnest.

It has been 49 days since my last cold call.

Periodically, the lure of “guaranteed hot prospects” still calls to me. I look at my phone scripts and wonder if I should maybe just dabble in cold calling. But I go back into my Internet Success Guide, and get back on my program. I have a funded proposal system that is truly teaching me how to market on the internet without cold calling a soul.

And I sponsor more people than I did before. Only this time they are paying me to do it.

About the Author:
Karen Hurd has been a professional network marketer for 18 years.
She built her business during her children's naptimes, and
now she makes money in her sleep.
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